On the 2015 Grammy Ballot for
Best Folk Album and Best Roots Music Performance




by S. Mickelson

“Beautiful, heartbreaking, triumphant, intense – a panoramic of the human condition – Mickelson’s debut album pulls out all the stops and demands to be heard.” -MusicWorthReviewing


Scott Mickelson

“Mickelson sings with aching urgency, cloaked in a dark fog that keeps his melodies balancing on the edge of unresolved, underscoring his take that life is never an all-easy road. His work is smart, moving and never overdone.” -MusicNewsNashville

Through a career that spanned five full-length releases with his band Fat Opie, a struggle with a long-term illness and a career as a fine artist, Scott Mickelson has persevered. Now, with his debut solo release Mickelson Flickering, he delivers his most critically acclaimed work. Mickelson is singing the stories of those living their lives in contemporary America, as fragmented as it is. Flickering is on the 2015 Grammy Ballot in two categories, “Best Folk Album” and “Best Roots Music Performance”. 

Appearances include NPR Radio, Jimmy Lloyd Show (NBC), Huffington Post, CBS Morning Show, Glide Magazine, PopMatters, TheBayBridged, MusicNewsNashville and a Folk Alliance Showcase. Other accolades include winning a national band search sponsored by MTV/7-Up with a prize of $15,000 and a song in the feature film Along The Way. When not touring, Mickelson produces artists from his Bay Area studio.

Mickelson has opened for acts that include Dr. John, Smashmouth, Box Set, Jonathan Richman, Peter Case and Grammy Winner Rob Hotchkiss.

“I don't burn bright. At least I'm Flickering.”

After weathering a rollercoaster of a career populated by characters ranging from indie labels to major-league managers, penthouse attorneys to shady international distributors Mickelson was then overcome with an undisclosed illness. 

For years, Mickelson was unable to perform but never stopped creating. Turning to his background in the visual arts, Mickelson exhibited as an award winning fine artist and his illustrations appeared in magazines and newspapers. He even wrote and illustrated well-received children’s books. Destiny can also be persistent, and it was while planning a solo exhibition in San Francisco that once again Mickelson was lead back to music. “The gallery owner realized that I was Scott M from Fat Opie and she insisted that we play at the art opening,” relates Mickelson. “I told her I didn't perform anymore but in the interest of getting people to my art show I reformed most of Fat Opie, did a couple of rehearsals and played what I’m sure was a horrible set BUT—I never picked up a paintbrush again.” 

Diving deep into the visual world had a profound effect on Mickelson, liberating him from his past. In many ways Flickering is the record he’s always wanted to make and completes the evolution into the unique, dynamic artist that’s always been inside him. Says Mickelson, “This is the first time I wrote songs that were 100% personal and without any motivation but to make the most expressive record that I could with whomever I wanted and however I envisioned it. This is my first honest record.”

Lyrically, Flickering inhabits the world we all share, revolving around the challenge of existing in an oppressive culture, inundated by our surroundings. Mickelson is singing the stories of those living their lives in contemporary America, as fragmented as it is. Songs about home, family, loss of family, marriage, relationships that are forever and ones that are slowly dying. More so, Mickelson reminds us that we all need to be aware of how we affect those around us both positively and negatively as we navigate through this life.

When the time came to record Flickering it was the distinctive musical community of San Francisco that joined together to help lift him up. It features nearly two dozen guest artists including members of The Family Crest and other leading Bay Area artists like Jeff Campbell, Megan Slankard and Rivvrs. The record was recorded and produced by Mickelson in his home and mixed by Jay Pellicci (The Dodos, Sleater-Kinney, Deerhoof) at Tiny Telephone in SF. 

From the opening piano notes Flickering takes listeners on a surprising and moving journey. Perseverance pays off again, and much like Mickelson himself, you might just find yourself somewhat changed by the time you reach your destination. 





“Head's Too Small”

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Flickering, a buoyant composition showcasing that Mickelson’s offers undeniable musical charm and instrumental dexterity. - Glide Magazine


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Saturday, May 21st at The Hotel Cafe. 8:00pm.
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“Crazy Is The Only Place For A Saint” on the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase.


6/4   Al's Den  Portland, OR
6/5  Hattie's Hat   Seattle, WA
6/7   Stone Way Cafe   Seattle, WA
6/8   Olympic Club   Centralia, WA
6/11  Private Event  Worley, ID


Happy to say I made the Grammy Ballot in 2 categories. 
Hercules & Iron Man” - Best American Roots Performance
Flickering” - Best Folk Album

Currently writing ten new songs for my next record. Stay tuned!


“Beautiful, heartbreaking, triumphant, intense – a panoramic of the human condition – Mickelson’s debut album pulls out all the stops and demands to be heard.” - MusicWorthReviewing